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Are the electricity bills pinching your pocket? Do you wish to reduce the electricity bills of your home especially by fixing the high power consumption of your garage? If so then installing a garage door motor with low power consumption can be a smart idea. If you are wondering about how to select a garage door motor with low power consumption and install it then the team of Garage door repair at Hawthorne can come at your rescue. We know about all the motor brands and their qualities and we’ll help you select a motor that reduces your power bills and stay in your budget.

When you contact us, you just need to mention your issue in detail so that we can really plan how to help you buy a motor and install it in a perfect manner. We can also let you know about the exact amount of time it will take us to complete the task of new motor installation/new Door Installation so that you can get it done as soon as possible and reduce the tension of an increasing power bill. We can even work extra fast for you if you think it’s an emergency and wish us to serve you on the very next day.

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